My Mirena IUD Removal & Hormone Balancing Journey

  1. Pamela Talley says:

    This is such a scary story Nicole. I’m glad you got the IUD removed and are on the other side of this journey. I know this will be healing! As someone who’s been off any form of contraception for nearly 3 years, I can’t recommend it enough. We should all know our bodies and consider it a science experiment of one. And condoms on the few days a month you need them aren’t so bad! Good luck with your new norm, I bet you’ll love it!

    • Nicole C. says:

      Thank you, Pamela 🙂 I do not regret the decision in the slightest and I know that it was the right move for me. So glad to hear about your success post-BC and using natural cycle tracking.

      In health,