My Diagnosis of IBS & SIBO, Plus Potential Autoimmune Disease and Mood Disorder

  1. […] Hey friends. Today I wanted to keep it relatively short (and personal) with a quick update on how my SIBO die-off and overall recovery progress has been going. For those of you just joining my journey, you read my diagnosis post here. […]

  2. […] learned something new about food and about myself. And that makes it worth it. I’ve developed IBS, SIBO and an autoimmune disease during the time I was vegan. Yeah, it sucks, and but I am on a path to healing and I am so lucky to […]

  3. […] to know more? Check out my original article, outlining my SIBO and IBS diagnosis, as well as my first update post detailing the recovery […]

  4. TexasVelvet says:

    Have you checked for any critters and parasites? I’m a little paranoid about that and there’s a detox supplement called SCRAM that can help. I’m also trying to figure out my various illnesses and looking for healthy natural solutions. It’a like a never ending research project. // is my blog

    • TheFitFoodist says:

      I was actually tested for parasites and came back negative, thankfully! I think finding the right holistic/integrative doctor that can work with your specific needs and isn’t pushing pharmaceuticals down your throat is really effective. It can be a long process, it’s taken me 3 years to find a doctor
      I trust and that has been able to diagnose me correctly and put me on a path to natural healing. I’ll check out your site. Good luck and don’t give up!

  5. […] & Fire but they typically add red pepper, garlic and onions to their bone broths, and with IBS, SIBO and leaky gut, I can’t have those […]

  6. […] which is an overgrowth of yeast, as well as other digestive issues and mental disorders. My chronic anxiety and mood disorder are largely a byproduct of my wonky gut microbiome, although I had no idea about the strong link […]

  7. Thank you for sharing. We understand the struggle of having to deal with an autoimmune disease and recognize your strength. If you would like to learn more about autoimmune diseases and ways to improve your health through functional medicine (such as food therapy and movement therapy) check out our blog! We have lots of resources that you may be interested in ???? #spooniestrong

  8. […] wanted to share with you guys is how to still enjoy your Thanksgiving feast if you suffer from digestive/gut issues like IBS, SIBO, even Chrohn’s, […]