Second Update on SIBO & IBS Journey

  1. esoterica says:

    Hey there! My boyfriend has IBS and the low-FODMAP diet has worked wonders, so it might be worth checking out. It’s hard–no garlic or onions (which are in everything), no beans, limited wheat/grains, lots of off-limits fruits and veggies…but, we’re slowly figuring it all out, and amazed at the results. Also, his doctors suspect a heavy-hitter antibiotic (cipro) destroyed his gut, so–though it can’t fix anything–if you’ve been on any antibiotics in the past, that may be the answer you’re looking for. Keep fighting the good fight, and good luck moving forward!

    • TheFitFoodist says:

      Thanks so much for the comment! I’ve actually done the low fodmap diet (am doing it now)… I talked about it in one of my previous posts 🙂 it helps but you’re right, hard to maintain long term. Right now I am trying to re introduce foods back into my diet but still have trouble with garlic and onion :/ I am dairy and gluten free which helps! And I was on pretty heavy steroids and antibiotics in 2012 for spine surgery and I think that definitely contributed to my gut issues which started around then! And being vegan led to leaky gut too. Thanks again so much, really appreciate your support and good luck to your bf as well! ☺️

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