A Lifelong Food Journey: Part 2

  1. […] I first came across the concept of “nice cream” about four years ago when I was in my Paleolithic prime! I can’t even remember the original recipe, but over the years I’ve perfected it and turned it into my own version. I’ve decided to put it out on the internet for all to enjoy! If you want to hear about my paleo to raw to vegan to keto food journey, I blogged about it here. […]

  2. […] connection that dairy might be the root cause of those issues, until I decided to start following a Paleolithic lifestyle near the end of my college days. If you are familiar with the paleo diet, you eat like your […]

  3. […] done all the diets — Paleo, raw, vegan, keto — and each time I did them, I learned something new about […]

  4. […] thought eating paleo, vegan or raw would make me feel better, would eliminate the bloating/constipation, brain fog and constant […]

  5. […] going to lie, as someone who follows the paleo diet and absolutely LOVES all of Primal Kitchen’s dressings, mayos and their collagen fuel line, […]